Ping Pong

Note: Lately we have had issues with parties going on at the ping pong room which disturbs the neighbourhood. The ping pong room is not for parties, and if you use it for parties after 22:00, you might get in trouble with the Swedish authorities. If this continues, FR will not have SGS’s permission to use the ping pong room any more and it will therefore be unavailable for the students. We understand that students want to have a place for parties, so we are working on finding a place where no one is disturbed. Please contact us if you want to know more or have ideas on how to solve the issue.

Location: 309
Access: Using Aptus, no booking needed
Items: 2 Ping pong tables and nets. Please bring own balls and rackets.

 Anyone is allowed to use the ping pong room and the two tables in there. You will, however, need to bring your own ping pong rackets and balls.

If you need someone to play with, ask around in the Facebook Group – there will always be someone willing to participate.