Café Olof

Area Responsible: Simon Kjerstadius
Location: 305

Café Olof is run by tenants, for tenants. Here you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee along with some cake in a cozy atmosphere.
There are board games, nice music playing and interesting people to meet.
For now, Café Olof is financed using the “Pay what you want”-model, i.e. you can pay whatever you think it’s worth.

For the time of writing this, Cafe Olof is open the following days:
Every second Tuesday: Language Café
Wednesday: 18.00-22.00
Sunday: 18.00-22.00

Sometimes it’s closed either because it’s holiday season or because there are too few volunteers, but this is rarely the case. It is also sometimes open other days of the week with special events (movie night, live music or other), so stay tuned on our facebook page and instagram