Location: Behind Uppstigen 130-140
Area ResponsibleJenny

FR has access to 14 garden boxes. If you want access to one, stay tuned on the facebook group for announcements about the next season start. Usually, the seasons start around March/April.

Olofshöjd Farming features 14 gardening boxes, a small flower-strewn lawn and two bee hives. It’s a place where you can sow, plant, and harvest crops either in solitude or alongside others. It is also a place where you can come to enjoy the outdoors, appreciate plants and get creative. The Olofshöjd Farming Club is managed by attendants who find a communal interest in gardening and can be contacted through:

Our farming season spans from April to October, beginning with pre-cultivation and culminating in an autumn harvest, followed by winter preparations. There is always something to do!