FR operates under a set of rules called the By-Laws. The latest (as of September 30th 2023) are defined in this document. If you believe that one or more FR-members have violated the by-laws, please first contact us using the contact form. If we do not respond to your criticism, please refer to SGS, and finally to the Swedish authorities if no response is given by SGS either.

Changes in By-Laws

Changes in the By-Laws may be performed at a house meeting. It requires a 2/3 majority and a previous FR-meeting with 2/3 majority as well. This is defined in paragraph 1.1 in the By-Laws:

Amendment of these by-laws requires an approval of an FR-meeting by a 2/3 majority and the decision of a subsequent House meeting (see §5) by a 2/3 majority of the votes. Tenants should in the notice for the meeting have received all information on the proposed amendments to the by-laws. However, minor grammatical and logical errors may be adjusted to the proposed by-laws before and during the house meeting. These minor adjustments must be clearly motivated during the house meeting.

If you want to request changes to the By-Laws, please use the contact form.