About FR

FörtroendeRådet (FR, or Board of Trustees) is a group of residents of Olofshöjd that has made it their mission to connect residents of Olofshöjd, be a source of information to them and foster a community feeling among them through our facilities and events.

As FR, we manage all shared spaces in Olofshöjd, such as the Café Olof, the Gym, the Freeshop, Motion hall, the movie room, as well as various events such as the Olofshöjd festival or the open stage nights in 326 3⁄4.

All the shared spaces are kept in good condition and running thanks to a small part of the tenants’ rent (14kr), the FR Krona. For more information about how the FR Krona is used, join us on our annual house meeting on end of September.

We facilitate your ideas and all our decisions that we take are in the interest of the community. We furthermore operate under our By-Laws, and board members are elected during house meetings.

On a weekly basis, we discuss what is to be done in terms of renovations, purchases and events in the area and manage the practical details. We are also the face towards SGS.

If you want to become a part of the board and help us to bring positive and sustainable change to our community, please send an e-mail through the Contact Form!