Café Olof

Location: Motgången 305
Area Responsible: Amar, Jonathan

Café Olof is an extended living room for the tenants of Olofshöjd. It is run by tenants, for tenants.
Here you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee along with some cookies in a cozy atmosphere. Occasionally lovely volunteers cook/bake for everyone in the café (ingredients by Café Olof). There are lots of board games, nice music playing and interesting people to meet. Café Olof is financed by FR which in turn is financed by FR Krona.

Opening hours
For the time of writing this, Cafe Olof is open the following days:
Wednesday: 18.00-22.00
Sunday: 18.00-22.00
We also try to open every second Tuesday for Language Café but we are missing interested people organizing them.

Sometimes it’s closed either because it’s holiday season or because there are too few volunteers, but this is rarely the case. It is also sometimes open other days of the week with special events (theme days eg. Halloween, movie nights, cooking nights, live music or other), so stay tuned on our facebook page or in Olofshöjd’s community whatsapp group.

Our volunteer group is a friendly community with different international backgrounds, that hopes to create a social space for connecting people.
If you want to be involved in Café Olof community by volunteering sometimes, organizing an event, cooking or in some other way, feel free to contact us on our:
facebook page Café Olof or
instagram page cafe_olof or


Link to Café Olof By-laws