Olof 326 ¾

LocationMotgången 326
Area Responsible: Jonathan, Amar

Olof 326 ¾ is a common room for different activities run by the tenants of Olofshöjd.
Currently, Olof 326 ¾ has movie nights regularly every Tuesday and Thursday. In addition to this we also organize karaoke, dance, yoga, open stage nights, and meditation events among others occasionally. Look at the schedule or the facebook page or the Olofshöjd’s community whatsapp group for upcoming events.
If you want to be involved in volunteering and organizing events for the Olofshöjd community, please contact us on either:
our facebook page here or
email us at 326@olofshojd.se
The number of events depend on our volunteers availability and certain periods might be less active such as exam weeks or holiday seasons.

Olof 326 ¾ has been the gathering spot for movie nights throughout the years. You can find what we’ve screened in the past here.